Q: wont start on 1993 Plymouth Acclaim

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windshield wiper fuse blew and it had a 25 amp fuse in it replaced it with the proper 20 amp fuse blew next day then tryed another 25 amp and it burnt up and now my car wont start.
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this is what happens when the wrong fuse is put in the system. it cannot protect the wiring. you will need an electrical shop to look at the damage and give you a bid. it will not be cheap. very time consuming job.

The reason it blew fuse is because of too much current draw thru fuse from bad motor. Why it will not start is puzzling.
yeah it is puzzling on why it wont start now. I know the headlights 4 ways and brake lights all still work even the light when you open the door still works and dinging sound that the headlights are on when u open the door need massive HELP as u can read in my sign up name idknothing
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A higher amp fuse will not cause a circuit to blow a fuse. High amp draw or short will cause the fuse to blow