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Q: wont start on 2003 Kia Spectra

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the lights are working but when I turn the key it wont start and make a loud clicking sound from the engine. NO check engine light is on and was working fine before this.
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A loud click sounds like the starter solenoid/ starter assembly has failed, but check the battery connections are clean tight and secure. Check the battery voltage at the battery at rest is should be 12.6 volts minimum or the battery needs to be charged and tested. Get a friend to place the car in neutral, hand brake applied, and turn the key to the start position as you strike the starter with a small hammer and see if the solenoid makes contact to start the engine.
Try Getting The Starter Checked Because If It Has Battery And It Wont Start Most Of The Cases It's The Starter
I had this exact problem. my husband pulled everything apart and we even bought a new part but it turned out that the sensor was messed up. Thats it. The car should start in neutral. Do that a few times, and the sensor should start to recognize the gear in Drive again. At least, thats how my car worked. Good luck
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