Q: Won't start on 1990 Dodge D150

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I took off the air cleaner and cranked the engine. I didn't see fuel coming from the TBI injectors or and spark from the coil(I had my finger on the coil wire to check for spark). I took off the distributor cap and made sure the rotor was turning, and it was. I checked for voltage at the coil pick up(under the distributor cap)connector coming out of the harness, there was only 1.8-2.0volts. I believe that there is suppose to be 8 volts. I checked around on line and saw on the 91's there is a ASD(auto shut down)relay. Do the 90's have one and if they do where is it located, also is it possible you can tell where the ECM is and where the voltage for coil pick up comes from? A side note:this use to be a police vehicle to pull a horse trailer
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