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Q: wont start on 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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I has a oil pump put on my 1996 olds ciera sl, having the car on stands for 3 days, and low fuel. So we added $10 to make sure it did not run out. Prior to service car started fine ran good except oil pump symptoms. Now after removing jacks car wont start. It wants to it turns but their is no spark to motor? engine? You can smell gas is gettig to motor so not fuel pump. Had coils tested the starter plate tested cleaned and greased. the spark plugs and wires are fairly new but there is no spark when tested all 6. Sprayed starter fluid on intake and still nothing. Could something have been pinched under car when oil pump was put in? Really weird it ran 3 days ago before other work was done and He never touvhed top of motor at all, what is going on? what can I check next? could it be the crankshaft positioning sensor?

Was the oil pump primed with oil before installing,maybe the pump needs to pump oil pressure, before it will have ignition or spark to run.This would be a safety feature to save the engine if you get an eng oil leak,and the gauge or lite fails to warn.Make sure all electrical connections are connected as they were, check to see them all from memory.
also check the battery cables for corrosion,the starter and fuel pump may run,but the ignition may starve as a connection at the battery!Check for any wiring not hooked up esp on the starter solenoil.
it might also could be the distributor module behind the coil packs....i had one that did the same thing and thats what it was
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