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Q: wont start on 1996 Jaguar Vanden Plas

onboard diagnostic lights indicate "bulb failure" and "check engine", however when i ran a scanner test it showed a "pass". battery is new, no clicking indicating starter failure, all fuses good. what could be the problem and how can i fix?
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Sometimes a starter can fail by being quiet, in that if the solenoid has failed, then the starter will not make a sound. So, the best way to check this is to check the trigger wire on the solenoid ( the small wire ) on the starter from the ignition switch. You need to see a 12 volt signal from the ignition switch when you try to crank the car over. This often requires 2 people. If you have the signal and the battery has at least 12.5 volts then I would suspect a bad starter. If there is no 12 volt signal, then you need to inspect the ignition switch and find out why.
Can i use my battery charger to check the voltage reading of the solenoid? if so, how would I do this? To mention as well is that when i press down on the brake lights, they do not illuminate, not working... nor do my turn signals. Would this be that my "brake pedal light switch" is bad? the "neutral safety switch" is bad? the "micro relay" selector switch is bad? Which would cause the onboard diagnostic panel to show "bulb failure" and "check engine" so that i can replace the part that is causing my engine to not start?

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