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Q: wont start on 2001 Kia Spectra

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Drove my Kia on Saturday had no problems with it... parked it in my driveway and sunday afternoon I tried to start it and it just turned over... wont start... seems to be getting gas and has spark. Lights and everything are working but cant get it to start. What could this be??? Please help... so tired of car problems
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If you are certain the starter is engaging and cranking the engine, you may have cold start problems due to something like one of the coolant temp sensors.

Is it just the sound of cranking that is making you worry about the timing belt? You can do a compression test if you think the belt broke, and you have been cranking the engine since then. How many miles are on the car / current timing belt? Have any warning lights been on while you've been driving the car lately?

matte is right though, many modern cars need a minimum voltage to energize the engine controls. The engine may crank but not start
I am curious what happens when you try to jump start the car as well. If I recall, these are interference engines, and a broken timing belt would likely cause serious internal damage. They also usually break while the car is running

If it was hard to start last week, it is worth the time to try jumping it. Cold weather wreaks havoc on batteries and remember their average life is 3 to 5 years on a modern car.
the car has 130,000 miles when i got it they said it had just had the timing belt replaced.. at approximately 115000 miles... no warning lights or anything, was running great, didnt have any reasons to think it was going to break down
Thanks to both of you... I will let you know what we figure out, my husband is taking tomorrow off to check it out...
Have you tried to jump the car? If so, did it start? If it did, that points to needing a new battery. If not, that points to the starter or starter solenoid.
It could be, but you could also just have a weak battery, which would be cheaper and easier to fix.

A weak battery can still power the lights, etc., but not be strong enough to start the car--especially in cold weather.
I really recommend trying to jump start. If that doesn't work, then move on to the starter or other parts of the ignition and starting charging system.

If it were the timing belt, you would have noticed it, as the car would have died immediately when the belt broke.
Have not tried to jump the car... When we do try to start it, it is trying to turn over but it is turning over really fast... could it be the starter?
It doesnt act like a weak battery, because it really tries to turn over, when we had the really cold weather last week (7 degrees at my house) it was a little hard to start but has been doing fine since then. My husband is worried that the timing belt may have broke.
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