Q: Won't Start on 2002 Lincoln Town Car

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Open the door and there is a chattering sound. It won't turn over. Like it is completely dead, but underhood light works and glove compartment. Chatters even when you push electric trunk release. Door locks and windows do nothing.
(3) Answers
It sounds like you have just enough power in the battery to operate the under hood and glove box light, but not much else. You will need to have your battery and charging system checked out.
u need a new starter, unfortunately u need a 2 to 3 foot extension to reach the top bolt of the starter.
i have the same problem with my 2000 town car. I have no clue what it is. There is corrosion under your fuse housing. when you try using an electrical component it will click and stop after about ten seconds right. It cant be the alternator and my battery's fine. Starters click when you try to crank it, instead there is nothing.... no idea but help would be apreciated