Q: Won't start on 1990 Chevrolet Lumina

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My friend has this car he has changed the battery, spark plugs and wires he changed the starter, alternater and the car has been sitting awhile before he atarting working on it..just won't start
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Well first off the battery, alternator and starter will be related to a no crank condition. Plugs and wires would be related to a crank and no start condition. It would help if your post stated whether it does not crank or it cranks and will not start. If it does crank and not start then it also must be determined whether it does not have spark or no fuel. Answer back and we can go from there.
Thank you for your help, what going on now with the car is when turning the ignition key it keeps turning and won’t crank or start
So if I understand you right by what you said "keeps turning" then the engine is spinning over. Crank is the same thing-engine spinning over. If it does that then the battery and starter and typically the alternator is ok and may not have needed to waste money on any of those when you were throwing parts at the problem. Now you can see why it is best to diagnose correctly before spending money on unneeded parts. Now it has to be determined why it "cranks" and will not fire off. You either have a no spark condition or no fuel. If you have one of the old plugs you can remove one of the plug wires at the front and insert the plug in the end of it, use insulated pliers to hold the threads of the plug against a metal bracket while holding the spark plug wire boot with the pliers and have someone crank the engine over with the key. It has a lot of voltage so be careful. Look at the gap area and see if you see spark there. If not then you have a no spark problem, if you do have spark then you likely have a no fuel problem. There is a fuel rail with a shrader valve for the correct fuel pressure tester to be attached and see if has fuel pressure. You should see pressure with just turning the key to on position, like where it goes after the engine starts and you let go of the key. If all this is beyond you then have a shop look at it or a knowledgable friend.