wont shift outta 2nd
1990 Honda Accord

Wont shift outta 2nd

(1990 Honda Accord)
1st started with shift release wont let it outta park unless you used key to take outta park. took that out. now it wont shift outta 2nd. the s light is now blinking with brake lamp on and all lights work. ive changed upper and lower tranny solenoid, i checked the TCU for corrosion and none. didnt check for blinking red light for my battery is dead and dont wanna spend the money on battery til i can hopefully get it running right. i did replace the solenoids with wrecking yard ones. ive looked on youtube and tried a few of the things they have shown but alittle frustrated! about to take it to a tranny shop.any other suggestion before that.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? anytime
How long have you had this problem? almost a year, didnt mess with it all winter
Tags: tranny, honda, accord, transmission
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on May 28, 2018
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on May 28, 2018
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