Q: Wont shift into 3rd & overdrive- high RPMs!CODES P0715, p0303, p1296?!!! HELP! on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

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Just pulled my hubbys teeth to buy me my second Jetta. Its a 01 Auto 2.0L - I desperatly need help! I think its in "limp mode" When I start driving it seems a little slow start at first then when I hit 35MPH its RPM's shoot up to 2500, at 40MPH the RPM's go to 3000, and at 55MPH I'm at 4000 RPM's. My check engine light is stuck on. My left blinker gets stuck on sometimes and I have to disconnect the battery so the light doesnt drain the battery. Sometimes disconnecting the battery fixes the blinker but eventually it will get stuck on again. We did diagnostics and got codes- P0715, P0303, P1296 which I think means speed sensor, cylinder 3 misfire, tempiture coolant sensor and turbine input shaft or speed sensor. We have replaced the input speed sensor located near the transmission. I know there are two more on and in the transmission. Anyway we replaced the one and there is no change, waisting a easy $100. I absolutly love jetta's, I just need this one in working condition or my husband will sell it. I dont want to lose my car. Do I need other sensors? if so which ones? Do I need a new transmission? Is it transmission fluid? and how do i check and change my transmission fluid?!!! Could it possibly be a ground wire? Any answers would make my life right now!
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