won't idle on 1997 Ford Escort

I just purchased a 1997 Ford Escort Wagon with a 4cylinder 2.0 litre engine in it and I can't get this thing to stay at an idle. There was a problem that I found out after I purchased it, and that being the car sat for 2 yrs, because the people I bought it from said the motor was locked up,which I couldn't get it to turn with a socket on the crankshaft and they thought that the timing belt was broke. I repaired the ground wire that was corroded, took the timing cover off, found that the timing belt was in good shape, but loose, got the engine to free up reset the timing and tightened the belt. I replaced the spark pugs, checked the resistance on the wires, and checked for a broken or bad vacuum line. Any help would be appreciated.

by in Independence, MO on September 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 08, 2009
You'll need to make sure you have good gas, and no water in the gas. Make sure all the vacuum hoses and intake manifold gaskets are not leaking. Clean the idle valve and make sure it is working. It might not be a bad idea to perform a compression check too.
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