Q: wont budge out of gear on 2007 Hyundai Tiburon

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I Have a 07 TIB. Its a 5 speed with a v6. It started sticking in gear i have the clutch completely down and it will not budge. Some times if i give it a lil extra tug not much it will but sometimes it wont. If i keep driving and try shifting a little late it will glide easily. I am not sure what the problem can be because my transmission isnt whining and my gears are not grinding.
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I have a Tiburon as you have in the shop right now, and the flywheel failed on it. It's a dual mass flywheel (two halves, connected with springs to dampen the driveline vibration...) and has excessive play. This component is expensive, and has taken out the clutch and pressure plate too. You could have a few different issues with your transmission, related to clutch and controls.
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