Q: Wire or alternator at fault? on 1995 Dodge Intrepid

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1995 Intrepid 3.3L. A copper male/female connector connecting a wire that runs from the positive battery post into a fuse/distribution box under the hood has broken in half. The car won't run without it, but runs good with the connection simply taped together. However, the battery no longer stays charged. AutoZone test indicates a faulty alternator, but mechanic said it may only be the wire causing the problem.
1. Can I cut the broken connector off and splice a new piece of wire in, rather than replace the entire battery harness (wire is an extension from the post of the main battery wire)?
2. Could a bad connection with this particular wire cause the battery not to charge properly?
(1) Answer
You should be able to cut and splice a new piece of wire in to repair the damaged section of wire. Just be sure to use the correct wire gauge and splice connectors so that you make a proper repair. I would say that if the engine is running OK with the broken wire on your 1995 Dodge Interpid taped together that should be good enough to allow the alternator to charge correctly. You can be sure about this by first repairing the damaged wire and then rechecking the alternator. No matter what the wire should be repaired or replaced so you may as well make that repair first and see what happens with the alternator.
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