Q: wipers working on their own on 1999 Toyota Tacoma

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My wipers go on their own and only stop when the truck is off. How can I fix this? What part should I look at?
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Do you have a 2-3 speed wiper or a variable speed wiper? If it is a 2-3 speed wiper, it could be your wiper switch or your park switch inside the wiper motor. If it is a variable design, then it could be the module or the wiper switch. Can you change the speeds of the wipers? This indicates there is still some functionality in the switch.
thanks so much for all of your help. I decided to take a peek under the truck and see where the fluid reserve was leaking from and discovered 2 hanging wires at the pump/motor, one of them being the power for the washer pump. Turns out every time i went through a puddle of water, it was shorting out the wires causing them to trigger the wipers. When the wire was dry, no problem. Stripped the wire, rewired that part near the plug, now everything is perfect.
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The blue wire at the wiper switch bring fused power to the wiper switch. Disconnect the electrical connection at the wiper motor, the yellow blue, and blue black wire at the wiper motor should not have power with the wiper switch in the off position. If it has your problem is most likely an internally shorted wiper switch. The blue wire at the wiper motor has power with the key on at all times to self park the wipers.