Q: wipers wont do a full sweep on the drivers side of the window on 2000 Chevrolet Venture

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when i bought the car they were standing straight up the window. after some adjustment they now wont sweep all the way and the drivers side wiper is just above the hood for it to clean the windshield in front of the driver.
also the horn started honking one night about every 15 min. to stop it i had to remove the horn fuse. what has caused this?
(1) Answer
remove the connector from the wiper motor first for safety. Then remove the three torx30 bolts just above the wiper motor on the arm assembly.lift up the arm assembly and set it safely on the engine and reconnect the molex connector to the wiper motor. turn the key to the alt position towards you for power and turn the wipers on so the motor can recalibrate itself to the lock position internally. reinstall the arm assembly while disconnecting the molex connector again first.
hope that helps...always remove molox connector (power) before any adjustment please.
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