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Q: wipers dont work on 2003 Lincoln Town Car

Hi I have a 03 lincoln town car exceutive, wipers dont work at all, fuse good,harness good,motor good. need dianostics thanks
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How do you know the motor is good? Need more input please.

Customer Concern: The wipers do not work at all. The washers function when commanded but the motor does not operate.
Tests/Procedures: 1. At the wiper control module, check the White (WH) wire for battery voltage when using the washers or with the multi-function switch set to low speed on the wipers. There should be battery voltage on the WH wire for low speed and on the Dark Blue/Orange (DB/OG) wire for high speed.

2. If battery voltage is not present on the wires with the switch set to the low or high positions, check the Dark Green (DG) wires for battery voltage in to the module. If the power feeds are good, suspect a faulty module.

3. If there is battery voltage on the WH and DB/OG wires as there should be, access the wiper motor and recheck there. If battery voltage is present at the motor, check the Black (BK) wire for a good ground. If powers and grounds are good but the motor does not operate, replace the motor.
Potential Causes: Wiper Control Module
Wiper Motor

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My 2003 Lincoln LS windshield wipers didn't work in a s sudden downpour - could have been a disaster without nearby help to get off road full of traffic. Started working again for no reason next day, then stopped two days later again. Ford dealer said nothing could find wrong (they worked at the time of service). Car had previously been to an auto repair shop to replace left door. After, the remotes didn't work (door entry and code to get in car). Solution anyone?Brought to Ford dealer when working to find out reason in case... they said they couldn't find anything, but next day, wipers not working again, and still don't three days later. Help? Asked them to check fuses, they said it doesn't have fuses. a friend said they did. ??
As to the wiper problem, contact me at
As for the remotesand door entry, take it back where you had the door replaced.
Just because the dealer sells the car doesn't mean that they can fix it.
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