Q: wipers are not operating properly on 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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my wipers initiate, then turn off they do operate only at the highest setting, in all other settings, they operate momentarily then out they go
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Are your wipers controled by the turn signal switch? Napa has this switch part # ECH WS1012 $164.00 but I see many options for your vehicle ( cruise control etc ) Dealer price is about $500 so be careful when ordering looks complicated, Labor is about an hour.
Wiggle it around to see if you can make it work, But if Napa sells it, It goes out. about 1.1 hours to repair this plus the switch
hey Hemicuda, the only controls on the arm is the turn signals, high beam switch, and the wipers, which of course are intermittent, thanks for the reply
for many years gm also had a printed circuit board (control module) that was replaceable, inside the wiper motor.that was what controlled the speeds including intermittent.might look into that (some dealers parts departments can be very helpful if there are certain common problems with the vehicle)