Q: Wiper Fluid leaking out back on 2000 Toyota RAV4

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I noticed that my wiper fluid wasn't working on the back wiper. I could hear the motor pumping but no water coming out. I noticed that when I went to the back of my car, the passenger side rear panel, water dripping out from the bottom. It was blue so I knew thats where the fluid was going. How can I get to the tubing that runs to the wiper nozzle? It appears to be leaking right before it gets to the back door......
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You can remove part of the rear panel to access the rear washer tube. A note of caution. Washer tubes often spit off, because the nozzle is getting resticted. You may want to replace the nozzle as well. Sometimes you can clean them with shop air, but sometimes not.
Does that whole panel come off? There are 3 screws down the strip closest to the door, & 1 on floor. The panel didn't even act like it wanted to come off....Is there a secret to it?