Q: Winter storage on 2010 Mini Cooper

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Does this need a trickle or float charger when garaged for the winter? Is there any other special thing to do before storing it?
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You need a float charger. A float charger only charges up to the voltage of a charged battery. A trickle charger charges a small amount of amperage all the time, it will ruin your battery if left on for a long time. Use a float charger. That's what I use for that purpose. I wouldn't think there's anything else you need to do if the coolant solution is good and the fuel tank is full to avoid condensation. Add a gasoline preservative like Sta-Bil or something like that to keep the fuel good. Not a bad idea to change the oil & filter if they're not pretty fresh, too.
Thank you so much. The dealership told me to change the oil after storeage (synthetic). The cooper only gets changed 1x/year. I've never done this before and hope I can attach the charger w/o problem. ANy make or model preferred?
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