Q: Windshield wipers won't work; Warning lights on; Car won't start at times. on 2002 Buick LeSabre

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I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my Mom's car, a 2002 Buick LaSabre. Here are the issues: First, windshield wipers would not turn off (for a couple of weeks) even when they were in the "off" position, now the windshield wipers won't work anymore; the emergency brake light stays on when the emergency brake is not set; the ABS system warning light is on (and has been on for months now); the car starts some times and some times it won't. My experience is that it doesn't "sound" like it's trying to start. There is a little click sound though when trying to start the car. Any suggestions?
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Get a new battery, have the ABS scanned for codes to solve your brake issues. As for the wipers, need to see if there is power and ground coming from the switch at the wiper motor when you turn on the switch, then go from there.