Q: Windshield Wipers Sprayer Not Working on 2004 Lincoln Town Car

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My windshield wipers sprayer stopped spraying water. I though that perhaps the liquid had been used up so I bought some. But when I opened the hood, I was surprised to see that there was still fluid in the washer tank. What is the problem? Is it something I can fix or do I need to take in to Lincoln dealer?
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Do you hear the washer pump make noise when you press the button?

Actually - first, when the wipers are off and you push in on the washers, does it start the wipers sweeping? Or does it do nothing?

The multifunction switch (turn signal, high beams, wipers) can have poor contacts in the switch and need replacing. If the wipers do not engage from rest when pushing in on the washers, this is what is needed.

If the wipers sweep, but there is still not a washer pump noise, then the pump itself could be faulty (not likely).

If the pump makes noise and no fluid comes out, one of the fluid hoses could be disconnected. Follow them from the pump to the windshield.

Good luck!
Wipers sweep. Not sure whether there is noise or not. Guess I'll have to take it in to the dealer.

Thanks for the help.
If the wipers sweep when you push in on the washer button, then there should be power going to the washer motor. Either the motor is not working or water is not getting to the windshield.
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