Q: windshield wiper motor on 1990 BMW 325i

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How do I replace the windshield wiped motor?
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It's under the cowl. Just start disassembly until you can remove. No special tools required. Takes 1.1 hours to replace.

The wiper linkage assembly should be removed from the body when replacing the wiper motor. The drive crank should not be removed from the motor unless the motor is being replaced.


Disconnect the battery negative (-) cable.
Remove the heater blower motor and blower motor housing.

Remove the wiper arms. Pry up the wiper arm retaining nut cover and mark the position of the wiper arm on the wiper arm shaft. Remove the wiper arm retaining nut and remove the arm from the shaft.

Using a small screwdriver, carefully pry off the left ventilation grill. Remove the proteotive cover from the right wiper arm shaft. Remove the shaft mounting nuts and washers from both wiper arm shafts.

Disconnect the harness connector from the wiper motor. Remove the wiper linkage assembly mounting bracket. Remove the linkage assembly together with the motor from the plenum chamber.

NOTE: When replacing the wiper motor, mark the position of the drive crank relative to the wiper motor bracket, then remove the crank and the motor. Install the new motor onto the bracket but leave the drive crank oft temporarily. Connect the wiring and operate the wiper motor for about one minute and then turn it oft. The motor will stop in its park position. Now install the drive crank, aligning it with the mark on the bracket. Connect the linkage and install the assembly into the car. Install the wiper blades, aligning the matching marks made earlier.

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