Q: Windshield washer doesnt work on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350

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Just bought an 06 E350 in great shape except that when I press the windshield washer button the wipers move but no fluid squirts out. I don't even hear the pump. I cannot find any reference to the fuse that controls this and there is no chart for the under hood fuse box where it connects in.
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while someone else presses the washer switch, see if a test
light confirms power to the washer pump. if the test light
flashes, you have a bad washer pump, which is very common.
if there is no power at the pump, you should visit a local
MB specialty shop for diagnosis. it's a real good idea to go ahead a get a relationship with that shop; there will be
a lot of things unique to this car that no other shop can do for you. this is a car that will last you a lifetime if it is cared for regularly by someone with specific MB training.
Thanks for the help! I'll try that.

Any idea abot the under hood fuse box?

the closest MB shop to my house is over 100 miles away. Buy thanks for the suggestion.

I have a pretty mechanic savy eye myself and would usually handle something like this by myself.