Q: window problems on 1992 Ford Explorer

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I think my windows are off track. Some work, some need help up and down, along with the button being pushed.
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If the window/glass is off track the window will not close fully in the door opening. The window glass may go up in a slightly slanted angle. Things that effect the speed at which the glass raises up and down or result in the glass needing assistance to raise the glass upward are, the "U-shaped" rubber channel that the glass slides may be damaged, the motor may be getting weak or the window regulator may be damaged. Try spraying silicon spray down the front and rear rubber channel at each side of the glass see if that speeds up the operation of the glass raising and lowering. The door panel will need to be removed to check the channels and window regulator mechanism. It is important that the motor receives full battery voltage to operate as the motor requires a relatively large amount of current to operate. Does the window operate up and down quicker when the engine is running (charging voltage is higher than static battery voltage)?
If the window keeps failing off the track is it the "Door Window Regulator" I need to Replace? if the motor is still good.
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