Q: window goes down, wont go up on 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

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For the first time in months (its winter here) we rolled down our front PASSENGER window part way, and it will not roll up. However, in the past we have had a problem with it, the DRIVER door had to be closed or mostly closed in order for the front PASSENGER window to go up or down. We have tried opening and closing the door, locking & unlocking the windows... It's not even making a sound and not budging. Well, again, it goes down, just not up.
PLEASE HELP!!!! It's cold!
(2) Answers
With the car running hold the switch in the up position and hit the interior door panel hard with the palm of your hand and sometimes this will jar the motor loose.
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If the motor is bad, jarring the door might "wake it up" as already mentioned. Another possibility though, based on what you said about the driver's door, is that a wire is broken in the harness that goes from the door jamb to the driver's door near the hinges. Power windows require connections at both the individual window (passenger, rear, etc) AND the master switch in the drivers door. This is how it prevents a short should the driver try and roll the window up and the passenger try and roll the same window down. You might try to peel back the rubber boot over this harness area in the driver's door and check for broken wires caused by the constant flexing of the wires as the door is opened and closed.
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