Q: Will used steer column w/T module, matched keys, ign & start module work on 2005 Audi A6 Quattro

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My A6 has a no start lockout condition. 3X vag com error code came up with a failed ignition access start module. 4th time vag com now comes up with the dreaded steering column lock transponder module, the only resolution from Audi is to replace the steering column and program. I have an opportunity to purchase a used column with transponder, the matching ignition, access srart module, and keys.It has a one yr money back gaurantee even if the transponder fails. My question is if all matching components are installed will it work as long as it doesn't fail, in other words will they mate to the same year make and model. please let me know.
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replacement could function as stated, but make sure the used part can be reprogrammed. It will have to be programmed to be recognized by the control modules of your car.
What I guess I was trying to find out is even if the info already programmed to match between ignition module and steering lock module and keys are the same, they won't work without new program?
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