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Q: Will the raido theft lock keep my car from starting? on 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

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My car will not start and I have bypassed the main security system and changed the fuel filter, pump, regulator, crankshaft sensor, and spark plugs. I have also changed out the fuse relay. All the parts were brand new from Auto Zone and Pepboys. My car still will not start any idea?
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Define won't start. Starter does not turn? Starter turns but engine wont fire up?
How did you bypass the VTDS.
The engine wont turn over. The vats system was bypassed by using one of those bypasses you plug into the computer.
Replace starter motor! Don't think vechicle theft deterrent system will keep starter from working.
just prevents eng. from firing up. And no radio lock out has nothing to do with it.

The starter cranks it isnt that. The starter is not even am month old it was bought brand new.
When you tell someone the engine wont turm over that means (to a mech.) the engine is not turning!!
Say this, engine turns over but does not fire up, then we know exactly what you mean. Now with that stated, have
you had a scan test? Do you have the right key? Is security light flashing when starting the eng.?
Need to check the basics, fuel, spark ect. Lastly,why did you assume it was the security system to start with?
Forgive me I thought you understood what I meant when I said the engine would not turn over. So the starter is brand new and it cranks. The car is a general motors and it seems that this car and the five years that it was manufactuered the vats system was one of the main issues of the car not starting. It also has spark and fuel getting to the motor. It just will not fire up the engine that is. I do have the right key if not the car wouldn't even crank the starter that is. The security light is not on for the security has been bypassed. If I had a scan tool do you think I would be asking for advice? All I have is a code reader and it reallly is not going to tell me anything until I have the car runnning. I then am going to have to reset my computer with this tool for I have changed out the crankshaft sensor. So do you have any other suggestions that I could look at today besides what I have already tried? Thank you.
New details I have just sprayed starting fluid into my intake and it almost turns over ANY suggestions?
I am dealing with is problem... Please if u figure out the problem email me. Im at my witts end and ready to set it on fire... Please any advice will help. Charles Inabnitt
I know this is an old post.

These people are not wrong! I have just come across this same thing. The care will not start with the key. everything comes on but the key will not turn the car over. I jumped the starter and the car starts for about a second or two then it dies so it seems like an anti-theft problem. Oddly enough I towed the car to my house and it started right up??? WEIRD.
If you are going to jumper the starter solenoid.. You have got to 'first' turn the key to the start position, let go of key but leave switch ON, then jumper solenoid (SHIFTER IN PARK!)... Otherwise the engine will start and die every time!... ▪️Security system does NOT disabled the starter▪️.. Only the fuel injector pulse.. IF it's a VATS problem.. engine will still *CRANK* but will not *START*.. (Actually, It is a good thing when your car doesn't "turn over") Good luck everyone! .. Adios.
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