Q: will the Exhaust Manifold from a 1993 3.9L fit a1994 3.9L on 1994 Dodge Dakota

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I read that the 1993 3.9L had 220 hp & the 1994 3.9L has 175 hp they said they changed the exhaust manifolds & that maid the diffrence (94)was thicker less flow is that true? how can I boost the power in the truck(94) i've been restouring the truck a little at a time.
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The exhaust manifolds should be the same. the best way to find out is to call or visit your local dealership and have them check the part numbers. I doubt that there was a 220hp 3.9L engine, however any horsepower difference in the engines would probably be through camshaft design and/or software programming. The best way to increase power is to install a low restriction air filter and exhaust system. Headers are also an option.