Q: will start but wont stay running on 1993 Nissan Altima

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I have a replaced my fuel pump and filter and after that when i started up my car, my rmps would race high, i would have to press on the gas and it would go back to normal. now my car will not turn over, it will start but not stay started.i was going to change my ignition control modual but i noticed i have no spark. i just changed the plugs about a year ago.
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Hello, sorry to see you didn't get any advice here, were you able to figure out the issue with you Altima?
this started happening to my 1999 nissan. It turned out to be the timing chain. Its causing the engine to jump time.
In my 2005 Altima, when this happened I had to replace the crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor. The camshaft sensor was what was causing my problem. Once replace have not had a problem with that for about a year now. The crankshaft sensor is easy to get to, the camshaft is a little harder but with patience you can do it. I was told it would cost $450.00 parts and labor and I pay $35.00 each sensor and put them on myself. I am not a mechanic just determine not to pay that much.
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