Q: Will not turn off on 1997 Mazda B2300

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The ignition lock/key quit working and my truck was stuck in the on position. After I killed the engine, I couldn't restart it (but to pull it off). I replaced the ignition lock/key and now it will start, but it will not turn off. I have to pop the clutch to kill it and then the power is still on. Any ideas?
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Did the ignition lock and key assembly also come with the electrical portion of the switch? Red/light blue at ignition switch should only have power in the start position, yellow brings power to the ignition switch, the other wire accessory and run should only have power if the key is in accessory or run not in OFF or the electrical portion is shorted.
It didn't come with any wires, only the cylinder and keys. When you turn the key forward the truck will start, but when you turn it back the truck continues to run. The steering wheel does not lock either. Thats more that the old cylinder would do., wouldn't even start the truck. I'm thinking I got a bad cylinder even though its brand new. I'm not sure how the newer cylinders work. The lst time I had one out we called it a tumbler and there was a rod that went through the steering column. Now that I think of it, back then we also fished with cane poles.