Q: will not start on 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

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my blazer isn't starting what it's not doing is not getting any fuel to start the car i just got a fuel pump in september 08 the code that's coming up is 0442.can you help
(2) Answers
A code P0442 is an Evaporative system Code, which indicates a small leak in your fuel storage system, which, could, possibly mean that something was not reassembled properly when your fuel pump was replaced or the parts have failed in some way. I do lots of Smog work in CA and many times when a fuel pump is replaced the job is not as 'dialed in' as it needs to be and eventually an Evap code will be set and/or the vehicle will develop fuel delivery problems.
Have you taken it back to the shop/person who replaced the fuel pump to have it checked out? Maybe one of the parts pre-maturely failed. The Evap code definitley means that the fuel system is not sealed properly which may or may not have anything to do with their work, but they should check it and verify this. It is best to use an Evap Smoke diagnostic machine to really zero in on a small P0442 type of leak, other wise it can become a guessing game and/or a dart throwing contest.
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