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Q: will not start on 1992 Acura Integra

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c.e.l light will not turn off. replaced fuel pump,main relay, the fuel pump primes,bt no spark.PLEASE HELP!!! 100$ reward 4 correct answer.I WILL PAY
Can you read out the diagnostic codes and post them, and we can give you some advice.
Also, look here for some of the common issues with the 1992 Integra:
Check your coil that is in the distributor with a volt tester, turn on the ignition but do not try to crank it,your test light or meter should indicate electrical current ,if current is there it is a good idea to check your on board diagnostic, it will say code 1:Oxygen sensor, it will cause this auto not to start it will stall and start when the oxygen sensor is going bad, the same as the coil, the Ignighter do not go bad as much it was on the re call list though, oh, and make well that you battery is reading 13-14 and is not discharging, now drive your Accura.
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