Q: Will not shift gears on 1997 Honda Accord

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My 1997 honda accord will not engage. It starts up immediately. I put my foot on the brakes to shift gears, then the accelerator to put in reverse, neutral or drive nothing happens it will not budge. No warning that the tranny might be going out, never jerked or went in reverse or drive only... What do you think the problem is?
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First thing check to be sure you have fluid and it is full. you might have had a leak in a hose or line and it is low or gone. If that checks out ok, next be sure the shift lever is moving the shift lever on the transmission. Your shift cable might be bad and even though you are moving the lever inside the car it may not be doing anything on the transmission. If that is ok sorry to tell you but you just really may need a tranny, it will have to go to a shop for diag. Good Luck!!!!