Q: Will not accelerate over 35MPH.... Is this an easy fix? on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

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I started my car this morning and it made this weird grinding noise and then started. I drove on to the freeway and started to notice that I was not able to accelerate over 35MPH. The RPMs would move up when I would try to accelerate faster. Do you think it is the cam sensor or an O2 sensor. I need to fix myself. Thanks for the help
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Doesn't sound like it would be either of those. Google searching suggests a few reasons. Limp mode. Wheel speed sensor. I had a car years ago that did about the same, it was a clogged catalytic converter, but got progressively worse, it didn't just happen. Check online for similar symptoms with other Pacificas (or Chryslers with the same engine/transmission)
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