Q: will it hurt my car to drive 1800 miles with the EGR needing replaced soon? on 1999 Mercury Cougar

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I was told that i need to replace my EGR valve soon.
although my car does not make any odd noise or idle rough. it runs great and sounds quiet. im about to drive my car 1800 miles. will it hurt my car to drive that far with out getting that fixed?
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EGR reduces harmful polluted emissions and prevents detonation by reducing cylinder temperatures. If you don't hear "pinging" under load you are most likely OK. For piece of mind you could use the next grade up of gas, higher octane decreases risk of knock.
my cougar did the same and i changed the egr valve. the course of my problem was actually not bad after i found out what happened. the upper intake manifold was clogged up from the ethonal gas. older cars are not made for it. such as the 99. so i cleaned it and im at 150 thousand with not one problem any longer.
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