Q: Will after market distributor work in my car with 3.1 motor? on 1992 Pontiac Firebird

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the dealer put one in my car and it is still running rich and stalling and is loud. rpm gauge has also quit working. I was told years ago that after market parts are not compatable with this car because it has a 3.1 and they did not make very many of them. Is this true? Dealer is now guessing at problem and I know it is the distributor. I have been only owner of this car. I know my car. The people working on car a very young and now they keep guessing at things and my bill keeps getting higher. They replaced ekg valve and still no difference. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Ann
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Yes, aftermarket distributors will work just fine with your car. Many Firebirds of that year came with the 3.1L motor, it was the standard engine.
I don't really see the distributor as being the cause for it running rich. Seems to me like it would be more of an injector issue (leaking, spray pattern, etc...) or even a faulty sensor (oxygen, etc...)
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