Q: Will a bad fuel pump drain my cars battery on a 2002 Sebring 2.7 6cylinder? on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

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Car just cut off while driving. Replaced battery, crank sensor and had starter chchecked said it was working. Could it be my fuel pump car wont start . Will try and start but wont. What could it be? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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have alternator tested. i am guessing it is fine but would rather eliminate as poss.
more likely your fuel pump is failing. basic test is to turn ignition on but stop before it turns over. you should be able to hear sound from gas tank. a short whirring sound. it should last 1 sec. maybe 2 sec. and then cut off. this your fuel pump priming the fuel line. no sound , no fuel pump, no fuel, no start.
your battery is being drained by the start system not being able to fire up.