Q: Will a bad cam sensor cause the timing belt to slip on 2006 Kia Spectra

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I had this car two days when it began stalling out and losing power.I had driven a total of 25 miles. My salesman came out and said it was the cam sensor. This car was, also, completely out of oil and loaded with gunk. He says he will flush it out, change the cam sensor, timing belt and water pump? And it will cost me around $500.00 or so. Is this all necessary? And did the fact that it had no oil contribute to what happened? My check engine light didn't come on until a mile before I parked it.
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I would take this car back and ask for my money back. The fact that this car needs so much work and is filled with gunk and out of oil is serious and means that it was not maintained properly. It could be a money pit.
thats why u take your to a shop and have it hooked up to a scoop it may run u about 100 but it well save your hair i know