Q: Will a 1996 Toyota Camry Starter work in a 2000 Rav4? on 2000 Toyota RAV4

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Will a 1996 Toyota Camry Starter work in a 2000 Rav4? Is it long enough?
The Beginning...
I was told I needed a starter. Took it to the repair shop only to have the manager steal it and abandon vehicle elsewhere.
The starter was replaced with a used 1996 Toyota Camry Starter. The original starter was tested and they said it was fine but the solenoid bad. Then replaced a relay fuse(?)Now my concern is that he totally ruined my car engine or who knows what.The fuse cover was off for what reason I have no clue. Other than that my passenger window wont repond either.
It clicks and started twice but now nothing. The battery has already been tested too.
Any idea what else to look for?
(1) Answer
A starter is a very precise part, so unless the part number matches perfectly, you are really taking a big risk. Because, if it does not work, it will tear up your flywheel and then you will have to remove your transmission to fix the car, which will run about $1000 in just labor. So is it really worth it?
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