Q: Why,my high beam light stay on, headlights won't go off when turn the car off on 2004 Saturn Vue

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The blue high beam light stays on all the time it is running, can't change from low to high beam. When I turn the car off the head lights stay on and will not go off tell I pull the fuses out. What is wrong with my car?
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Yes I turned off the switch and they still did not go off. All the lights do not stay on only the ones on the inside.
OH! Ok so the "headlights" are not staying on? Just the lights in the dash? Have it checked by a mechanic!
It just clicks like it has always, not like there is any thing loose or broke. I was driving yesterday and the blue light came on and I tried to switch to low beam and nothing changed. When I got home I turned off the car and went in the house , then came back out and they where still on. It was only the two center lights and they where very bright.
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