Q: why would voltage light just started coming on, car wouldn't start once, then on 2002 Buick LeSabre

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started after about 12 hours of sitting, lights in car came on, battery is about 4 years old
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Bad alternator,isn't charging battery while your driving,u gotta check volt of battery with a volts meter while running,
Pos +neg ,should be 14.0 volts...
Believe it or not when you. Run down good battery ,they reguvinate power when they sit.
Thank you, so alternator it is, I truly appreciate your service, we did take the extra money last time to purchase a better battery, are you open to do the repairs? haha
Yeah ,bring it over,lol well have a 6 pack and talk about marriages and these crazy woman ,,and get yelled at ..
Warning ,I am a 2 beer quir ,2 beers ,I'm dun......
well, that sounds like a fine time, however, I think my hubby would get a bit miffed at me. You take care of yourself, thanks again
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