Q: why would the car cut off while started in park, and key stuck in the ignition? on 2003 Pontiac Aztek

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The key got stuck in the ignition about 6 months ago, so I thought it was alternator or battery bad due to having my key stick when these items had to be replaced recently but they were still good. took to a mechanic they replaced the dash panel and the starter worked for two weeks complete shut down after that they said needed a new battery since mine i just had gotten went and got a brand new one and the car was fine again for two weeks. Took back to mechanic and they did some things to starter and was okay for another two weeks but the key being stuck in ignition was draining the battery. Once the mechanics located the switch advised me to use to get the key out worked for about a month. Then i went to get some gas put my car in park and it would not cut off. Went to use the lever under the steering column and it cut completely off but was still in start. The mechanic has had it two weeks they got the key out but cannot find a solution and i am so frustrated i cant afford a car note but i cant afford to keep fixing this car.
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