Q: Why would the ABS pump fail on a 2005 4Runner? on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

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2005 4Runner The ABS pump failed, is this a faulty part? Not even 70,000 on car
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Who says that it failed?? Most of the time shops and dealerships condemn the ABS pump when all they really need is an ABS Module i.e. $300-400 vs $1200 +. You may just have a wheel speed sensor problem. I have yet to see any ABS pump wear out, after all it is an electric motor, I have seen zillions of ABS Modules go out, because the internal relays wear out.

Get a second opinion and refer to this answer, it will make the Tech sharpen up if he/she knows that they are being scrutinized.
Is it possible for the pump to fail while driving and what would happen if it did? There was no warning lights on before it died.
how can i correct my brake car . the ABS and the HAND brake light is on and this doesnt allow the car brake to even work and the car is alaming. so what exactly can be done to. because presently the brake is not working