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Q: Why would my jeep run fine no issues but show loss of power/ nothing on computer on 2003 Jeep Wrangler

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driving my jeep have to drop into 3rd to get up hill with foot to floor holding about 50 55 on flats she picks up speed but have found if falls below certain rpms have to drop again into 3rd she has not shown anything on computer except for o2 sensor// my buddy told me to look at it and sure enough it had a wire just barely hanging on I change top one due to it shorting after that issue of it bucking I did upper o2 sensor, change air filter, spark plugs, and she ran fine about a month or so later maybe two. Then she showed signs of lost acceleration/& she seems fine on flats most of time but a def notice of power acceleration / Mostr I get out of her now is 60 65 if going down hill maybe 70 75 ??
where as I would have her in in 3rd to 4th within say less then 10 to 12 seconds 65??
Now more like 2nd to 3 and then to 4th 30 to 40 seconds later 50 55 heading towards 60 // been told was time belt ? but from what I have read showing no signs of what I have read about reactions from time belt// some say PTC module// Others say// TP Sensor ?? // but if it were wouldn't they show on Computer along with if it was time chain wouldn't that show as well?
As stated she runs smooth a bit of hesitation on acceleration but smooth no issues with gauges or noises & as stated only two codes which did come up and were changed is pressure sensor for power steering and o2 sensor & both were changed
one thing I have yet to do is check the 2nd 02 sensor down by main cat as two of them on exhaust small one and larger down by muffler // but you know this.
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Possible Catalytic Converter issue, hear any rattling, from under Jeep, at any time?... Another thought is low fuel pressure, can be checked with test gauge.
No . no rattling also did the "cherry/orange" color check by driving for an hour then jumping out and checking both cats to see if at least a lil' Orange> nothing! Hot! he , he, he, but nothing no discoloring.
I'll try the test gauge for gas pressure. but do you agree with my statement about time belt & computer reading? if it was it would show correct? I was also informed that with gas filter which is to be basicly almost 100% maintenance free if it did malfunction some times would show and some times not/ on computer?
Thanks for all your help on SSD and not a lot of money to burn / but I love my jeep it's my only way of getting away top down and go you know!///
Well latest on jeep issue ! It was Cats they need replacement now try to find direct fit one piece called dealer // I think their smokin somthin $1,200.00 That just for the part not installed!Man what happen to trucks & cars you could fix your self & a couple bucks??? & Laws ???????????? Crazy just crazy! I am all for clean air but?? common I found one for 775.00 same thing & these folks are making money off of this unit too ?? I mean WTF? DEALER MAKIN 425.00 RIGHT OFF BAT! & THEN INSTALLING?? ANOTHER $300$ That's 725.00 + tax! their makin off me! I mean Really????& they wont tell you about 200 ,00 their going to get for the core! so why don't we just say a cool $1,000.00 when all said and done that I lost for a $200.00 weld job!
or $150.00 uninstall & reinstall hour & 1/2 ?? $160? $180? maybe??

Had one mechanic tell me if it's one piece and just uninstall & reinstall $ 60.00 Now that's what I am talking about!! no more then $150.00 if have to cut out & weld!! Now that's an honest mechanic!!!!!
Now just got to get part! $775.00 sounds fair w/ return of heater core // man ! o man jeep's not like they use to be they have gone up in use. but also gone up in price as well!
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