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Why would my car, with a good battery, not attempt to start by turning the key?

(2004 Honda Accord)
in Winter Park, FL on August 28, 2012
I came out this morning to go to class and got in my car. I unlocked it with my key fob and held the button down so the windows would roll down also, which worked fine. I threw my backpack in the back and sat in the driver's seat for a second (probably totaled to about 15-20 seconds before I attempted to start it. All of my gauges and my radio immediately came on, but when I turned the key nothing happened. There was no click or remote attempt by the engine to start up. Confused, I tried a couple times with no luck. I got out and checked the connections on the battery to the engine, and everything looks good (no corrosion or dirt). I realized that in the time it took me to unlock the car, get in, and attempt to start it, the doors had relocked. Thinking that this may be a security measure for the starter as well, I took my keys out, locked the car, unlocked it again, and then attempted to start it. VOILA! My car starts and has no issues on the drive to school. I get out of school, and the exact same thing happened. I unlocked the car, took a second to get in, but this time the doors weren't locked. Trying to be inventive, I went ahead and locked the doors again and unlocked it to see if it fixed the problem. Again, it worked and my car started. Now, when I got home, I shut the car off and after about 10 seconds I tried restarting it and it was fine.

That being said, I'm guessing it has something to do with the key fob not relaying to the ignition that the car has been unlocked (at least that's my guess, and be easy on me if this is wrong b/c I do not know that much about vehicles). If this is the case, how do I fix it and how much would it cost?

I'm hoping it's something simple like a fuse & I can get some good news. Thanks in advance for the help!
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on August 28, 2012
You are in luck cause there is a Honda guy here. I am sure he can shed some light on
this one.
on August 28, 2012
As long as there is no aftermarket security installed on it , then I would double -check all battery cable connections and the connections to starter and solenoid. Disconnect and clean battery posts- what is on the outside can look VERY different from in-between the cable end and the post itself, See if there is any glazed blackened spots (arcing through corrosion).Be careful not to over-tighten and damage the ends. What do your guage lights do in the 'crank' position? do they stay solid-no change , or do they go dim or completely dead 'til you release the key?. Does it respond the same if you try to start it in neutral? ALL info would be helpful , it sounds more like a bad contact somewhere as opposed to a faulty part.(so far). Good luck.
on August 28, 2012
There is no after market security installed on the car. My gauge lights all act normal when I turn the key, and the radio and everything come on like they should. I ran out and double checked the connections, and everything is clean. So, checking everything that I should, the only way to start it is if I unlock it with the key fob, put the key in the ignition, and turn the key within 5-7 seconds of unlocking it. When I went out I unlocked the car, got in and tried starting it within that time frame and it worked fine.
on August 28, 2012
Even with factory security the immobilizer should only disable the ignition not the starter motor, when it doesn't start while cranking (or attempting to crank) , does the green key(immobilizer indicator) continue blinking or does it come on briefly when you turn the key and then go off?
on August 28, 2012
could be few things. i know this sounds silly but make sure it is all the way in park. easy mistake, seen people do it befor. another possible answer would be check starter wires. only few wires n make sure terminals r clean on starter and on ur battery. could potentially be solenoid like a 5$ part. probably nothing much so don't get to stressed. ( ;
on August 28, 2012
Thanks for the quick response. I triple checked and the car was in park :). I went back out and checked to see if I unlocked the car with my key and started it if it would work, and it would not. I have to lock the car with the key fob, unlock it, and start it immediately. If I do that, it works fine (or so far anyway). I am planning on driving from Orlando to South Carolina on Thursday for Labor Day weekend, and I won't be able to actually have it looked at until Friday most likely. Will it hurt at all to drive the car until I can have it looked at? I know that can be a loaded question, especially in terms of a vehicle, but I wasn't sure if driving it would have any effect on the starter. Thanks again Brian!
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