Q: why would my car only go in revers and it is leaking fluid from bell houseing on 1999 Lexus ES300

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its leaking from spare holes on front side of the bell housing. it will only go in revers and I have to give it high rpms for it to move. all four forward gears will not work. please help
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Don't try to drive it while low on fluid, more damage WILL occur!!! Transmission will need to be checked by a mechanic to determine exactly what the problem is!
ADD FLUID as needed BEFORE DRIVING it to the repair shop only! May need a tow truck.
i have a benz that had that problem,,but it was a transmission shifting module,,or voltage plate,,i dont know if this helps or not,,,also torque converter it sounds like,,yes im concerned you will have to get a mechanic,,prefferably a friend if you have a mechanic friend,,that will be honest,,,and tell you what you need to do
You must have had a problem with a mechanic it seems. Not all repair shops/mechanics are dishonest!
Are you a mechanic???