Q: Why would my car be reading P0401, P0301 and P0316? And what do I do to fix it?
on 2002 Ford Taurus

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It started running rough yesterday, then while driving last night, the engine light started blinking.
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Engine light has been on for a while right but just srtarted flashing lately.
EGR valve/DPFE sensor problem made the light come on but the misfire on cylinder one is the reason for run rough and light flashing.
Is this scenario correct? Have the ignition system checked also the Delta (differential) Pressure Feedback Egr sensor. They give some trouble!
We had a lifetime warranty on the EGR Valve, so we replaced that yesterday, and its still running the same way. The engine light was already on before this happened. It was reading the O2 sensor??
You now have a misfire on cylinder # one, several possible reasons! This needs to be repaired first.
Ok well we figured it out. We changed the spark plugs wires,( i think that was the misfire on cylinder #1) cleaned the exhust thing on top of the engine with throttle body cleaner, and also replaced the fuel filter. And it runs so much better and the engine light is off now! But thanks so much for your advice! Really appreciate it!