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Q: Why would I pay almost $300 for a 15k service on a 2011 Hyundai Sonata?? on 2011 Hyundai Sonata

My local dealership charged me seemingly an arm and a leg for a routine, non-mechanical repair intermediate service. I plan to get back in touch as I was in a hurry today. Service included general oil change+filter; tire balancing; full hose/brake inspection; and cabin air filter replacement (separate charge). But this hardly seems like it should have totalled close to that cost, even at dealership retail. It was $179 + $79 (cabin filter). Thank you for any help.
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Both contributors have very valid points. The real issue is your “Right to Repair.” Many vehicle owners mistakenly believe (and may have been misled by the selling dealer) that they must return to the dealership for all scheduled maintenance and/or repairs to keep their warranty in tack.
This is only correct if you are obtaining warranty repairs from the manufacture or recalls. You have a right to select any qualified repair facility to do any maintenance service that the manufacture requires and/or any repair your vehicle needs. All you do is simply keep your records of service and all warranties stay intact.
The dealership has a very high overhead with their vast operations and quite frankly the $300.00 they bill is a fair value based on their high operational expense, but why should you contribute to this?
This is why the independent repair community can save you thousands of dollars over your vehicles life. We simply have lower overhead.
But be careful, all independents are not equal and the lowest cost is generally not your best choice. Be sure the shop has recognizable credentials like AAA Approved Repairs (Automobile Club). ASE certified technicians and preferably ASE Master Certified Technicians. Check how many years they have been in business. What is their warranty, look for a minimum of 1 year and 12,000 but more so 2 years, 24,000 miles. This will help you select a seasoned professional you can count on for the life of your car and save thousands.
So love your Hyundai and stay away for the deep pocket dealership.
Thank you very much for your comprehensive response - I really do appreciate it. Yes, the dealership makes it appear that maintenance and repairs should only be gone through them to keep warranties in tact, but I am aware that other certified tech options are available. To be honest, I didn't expect the cost to be this high for a 15k interval service, having not first done my homework. I will keep these pointers in mind, especially with mechanic warranties balanced against savings from other alternatives. Again, thank you much for the feedback!
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The dealer is usually more expensive, to have done everything you mentioned above would have only cost 180 at my shop.

Ryan Mode
Mode Automotive
dealers are always the highest. the cabin air filter is way high.
the 300 is about right for them but if you were in a small shop you would have spent about 200 or less.

the fact is you already signed and paid. do not exspect any refund or anything since you authorized the repairs. you learned an expensive lesson.

Thanks Roy. No, I don't expect to get any type of refund, just hoping to understand why the cost would be what it is. I fully understand that I would pay incrementally more at my dealership, just didn't expect for these services, which don't seem like much, to have as high of a price tag as they did.
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