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Q: Why would I get no quick responds to pushing on the "gas" pedal. on 2002 Dodge Ram 2500

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After driving on highway approx. a hour my diesel sometimes does not respond to me pushing on the pedal. If I let up and push again it responds. Always after highway driving and has only just started this. Not everytime I drive it. OEM lift pump, everything. Could I have a pump going bad. Just ordered a performance pump. only have 60000 miles on truck. Sat for long time but have put thousands of miles on in last few months.
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Have the fuel filter replaced just in case you have recently gotten some contaminated fuel. The main issue your having is very likely the throttle position sensor which are problematic on many Dodge truck models as well as the TPS wiring connector. If the TPS is the issue, it can be replaced or a shop can install a resistor in the wiring to the ECM to fix it. Also have the computer scanned for problem codes which might shed more light on the issue.
The following link is to geno's garage with a better description of the TPS issue.
I have replace the fuel filter approx. 3-4 times in the past 4000 miles. This started with a slight vibration in the wheel on the highway that I was sure wasn't a front end issue. When I replaced the filter the vibration would go away. Didn't know if it was me or the filter was the issue. First couple times the filter looked dirty. I hear there is a issue with the lift pumps on the 02 and earlier models and you can take out the main pump if your lift pump is acting up and you don't replace it. Now I have replace the filter enough times, I believe, now the pedal responds issue. Don't want to drive it and cause more issues.
Your first post did not mention the four filter replacements. You can test the fuel pressure, and also the throttle position sensor signal voltage stability, ground, and pcm supplied voltage to see if they are indeed the issue. You could first try to re-calibrate the TPS by following these simple instructions from a 2001 service manual. ECM Calibration: Turn key to ON position.
Without starting engine, slowly press throttle pedal
to floor and then slowly release. This step must be
done (one time) to ensure accelerator pedal position
sensor calibration has been learned by ECM. If not
done, possible DTC’s may be set.
DTC's are check engine light stored problem codes for the vehicle's on board diagnostic system "OBD11 system". You can go to an Autozone auto parts store and they should be able to read the OBD11 check engine light codes for free.
Ended up getting a 0216 code replaced the lift pump with a raptor and had my injector pump rebuilt. Seems to have cured all ills but still get a little smoke on start up. Probably normal. Don't remember, haven't driven the truck much in years and don't know how long I've had the pump issues.
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