Q: why would i be charged 560$ for a o2 sensor on 2005 Kia Spectra

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check light engine was on took it to sacramento kia they said i needed replace o2 sensor and that they need to rewire the harness it goes in thats why it costing 560$ to fix does that make since or am i being rob ?
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You may have just anwsered your question. It would not be that much to diagnose and install a new o2 sensor alone... but they say they needed to repair a wire harness...that would not be a typical repair and a bit unusual. My question is that the wiring problem may have been the real issue...and what was wrong with wiring? The place that repaired your car should have called you get a ok from you after diagnosis was done to get approval for the total of 560. If you have not already approved...the next step is to take to another shop for a second opinion.
I agree, harness is not a normal wear and tear item. Get a second opinion. If you need to replace the sensors, use only Kia o2 sensors, the Bosch universals mess up the computer reading sometimes. I have 162,000 on my 2003 Kia Spectra.